Slightly Flawed Ladies Satin Eye Mask

  • R 100.00
  • R 200.00
OFFER LASTS FOR NOV 2021 ONLY (1 Nov - 31 Nov) :)
Stocks ARE limited !
Dear Deer prides itself on good quality, which means we have loads of slightly flawed still gorgeous satin eye masks, which don’t pass the100% quality checks.

So we thought we would offer them to all our Dear Deer darlings at a fabulously reduced price.

The flaws are either slight fabric runs or knicks, or little marks (see the images for reference), or in most cases the left & right eye are a little uneven, they still of course have all the amazing benefits & are packaged beautifully.

Sleeping with an eye mask helps cut out light which helps you get rest (beauty sleep *wink).

Studies have shown that the use of eye masks can result in more REM time and elevated levels of melatonin. This helps to promote healthy sleep patterns and hormone balance.

Polyester satin is known to be less absorbent than cotton (and many other fabrics), so won’t absorb your fancy face cream or expensive serums while you sleep.
Therefore minimizing eye wrinkles & puffiness,
hence why satin is known to be “anti-aging”.
Smooth super soft satin is also gentler on your eyelashes & lash extensions.
Because of the quick-drying properties and smooth satin surface,
satin is also known to be antibacterial and hypoallergenic. 

Made with lots of love in South Africa using the most luxurious quality stretch polyester satin.
Vegan & PETA approved.
Click on the "Why not Silk ?" tab to find out why.
The ziplock bag is made from recycled water bottles,
and we encourage you to reuse them.
Washing Instructions :
Hand wash with care

Sweet Dear Deer Dreams Darling x

PLS note Dear Deer Deals are non returnable !